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Pembahasan Bahasa Inggris "Greeting card/wishing card

Greeting card/wishing card merupakan salah satu text fungsional yang munculdalam soal UN (SKL no. 2).
Greeting Card  adalah text yang berupa kartu ucapan yang diberikan kepada seseorang pada saat tertentu/mengalami peristiwa tertentu, Baik peristiwa yang menggebirakan maupun peristiwa yang menyedihkan.
Soal yang biasanya ditanyakan dalam greeting card:
A.     Function/purpose of the card: fungsi/tujuan ditulisnya kartu tersebut.
-       What is the function of writing the card?
-       The card is written to…….
Menurut tujuan/fungsinya, greeting card dibedakan menjadi 2 jenis:
a.      To congratulate/to wish: untuk menyelamati
Greeting card tersebut diberikan untuk moment /peristiwa yang menyenangkan,
(hafalkan kosa-kata berikut)
- New baby born                                                                   : Kelahiran bayi          
- Birthday/ return of the day                                                 : ulang tahun
- Graduation/finishing study/getting new degree                   : lulus/mendapat gelar
- Inauguration                                                                       : Wisuda/pelantikan.
- Getting New Job                                                                 : mendapat pekerjaan baru
- Winning the contest                                                            : Menang lomba
- Engagement                                                                        : tunangan
- Getting marriage/wedding                                       : pernikahan
- Anniversary                                                                        : Hari jadi
- New Years Eve                                                                   : Malam tahun Baru
- Valentine day                                                                     : Hari kasih saying
- Christmas Day                                                                    : Hari Natal
- Lebaran Day                                                                       : Hari Lebaran
b. To show sympathy: untuk menunjukkan simpatik/belasungkawa.
Greeting Card tersebut diberikan untuk moment/peristiwa yang menyedihkan,
- Sick /ill/ hospitalized people                       : Orang sakit
- Disaster/accident/bad news             : Bencana/kecelakaan/berita buruk.
- Passing/dead/departed people                     : Orang meninggal dunia
B.     Addresser/writer and addressee/receiver: pengirim dan penerima kartu.
-       Who wrote the card?
-       Who is the addresser of the card?
-       Who is the receiver of the card?
-       The card is sent for…..
Untuk menjawab soal tersebut, pahami siapa yang mengirm dan siapa yang menerima.
C.     Reference : menanyakan kata ganti ( pronoun)
-       The word “I” in the text refers to………
-       What does the word “you” in the text refer to?
Untuk menjawab soal tersebut, pahami bahwa kata “I/me/my” dalam text kembali ke “writer/penulis” sedangkan kata “you/your” kembali ke “penerima.
Pelajari kembali table pronoun berikut ini:
Subject pronoun
Object pronoun
Possessive adjective
Possessive pronoun
My book
Your book
Our book
Her book
Her book
- To congratulate: to give congratulation: Untuk menyelamati.
- To celebrate: to commemorate: Untuk merayakan;
- Party: reception: feast: pesta
- Bereavement: berduka cita karena kehilangan seseorang.
- Condolence: duka cita/ belasungkawa
- Sorrow at/for/over: berduka cita
- Proud: bangga
1. Read the following greeting card and
    answer question below!
To: Rizal
Congratulations on your success as the winner of the Youth Scientific Contest 2008. We are proud of you.
Best love,
Uncle Syukur and Family
What has Rizal done?
A.   Won the contest                               C.   Met uncle Syukur
B.   Congratulated uncle Syukur             D.   Loved his family
III.             EVALUASI
Text for no 1-3
To: Mom & Dad
Congratulations on your 15th wedding anniversary.
We wish you a happy life together.

From :Fredy & Irine

1. When did Fredy's and Irene's parents get married?
     A. In 1990       B. In 1994              C. In 1992       D. In 1996
2. The card is written to……
     A. My Mom and Dad                      C. Irine’s Dad
    B. Fredy;s Mom                               D. Fredy’s and Irine’s parents
3. The word “we” in the text refers to…..
    A. the writer and the reader             C. Fredy and Irine’s son and daughter
    B. Mom and Dad                             D. Mom and Dad’s son and daughter
Text for no 4-6
Paul Cristanto
Congratulations on your success to pass the examination.
May today's success be just the beginning of your long-life achievement and happiness.
Remember the challenges are waiting for you in the coming senior high school, However, I believe you can do your best as you used to be and become the best of all again. Good luck!
Your best friend,
4.  What is the writer's purpose to write the text?
     A. To ensure one's happiness.                    C. To have a good time.
      B. To congratulate his friend.                    D. To entertain someone.
5. The text shows that Paul Cristanto has just finished his ... school.
     A. junior high                                                     C. elementary      
     B. university                                                      D. senior high
6. Who is Riany?
    A. She is your best friend                                   C. Riany’s close friend
    B. She is my best friend                                      D. Paul’s friend
Text for no 7-9
Dear: Andrew,
Hi, brother! Here's to us on our special day! I feel so lucky to have a twin who's just like me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!
7. The writer is ....
    A. Mathew's brother                        C. Andrew's twin brother
    B. Mathew's twin brother     D. Mathew's elder brother
8. The function of the text is…..
    A. to give information that they are twins                C. to invite the twin to the birthday party
    B. to announce the twin brothers                             D. to congratulate the special day.
9. The word “us” in the text refers to……
    A. sister and brother                        C. Andrew’s brother
    B. the twin brother               D. Matthew’s brother                     
Text for no 10-12
To: Riantiano
Congratulations on your success as the winner of the writing poetry contest 2009. We are proud of you.
Best love, your uncle Handy and all family
10. What has Riantiano done?
       A. Won the contest.                                  C. Met his uncle
     B. Congratulated Handy.                D. Loved his family
11. From the text we know that…
     A. Riantiano congratulates the uncle and family
     B. Riantiano invites his uncle and his family to the contest
     C. Riantiano receives the card from his relatives
     D. Riantiano refuses the card from Handy and family.
12. The word “uncle” means…….
     A. Mom’s or Dad’s sister                C. brother’s mom
     B. Mom’s or Dad’s brother             D. sister’s Dad.
Text for no 13-15
13. Who will probably receive the greeting card?
      Someone who…. in the hospital              C.has done a great job
     B.lives in the world    wonderful
14. This greeting may be sent by the followings, EXCEPT….
     A.  a closed  friend             C.  a family doctor
     B.  a charity organization    D.  a class teacher.
15. The word “you” in the text refers to….
     A. writer                 B. reader          C. receiver       D. addresser 
Text 6 for no 16-18
To: My beloved niece, Diana
May your degree unlock many doors to success, to happy endings and new beginning. Congratulations!
Your aunty,
16.  The purpose of the text is…….
      A.   to tell about the doors to success                                 C.   to congratulate Diana’s  birthday
     B.   to describe Diana’s happy endings                   D.   to congratulate Diana’s graduation 
17. Who sent the card?
     A.  Your aunty                    C.  Diana’s aunty
     B.  Sabrina’s aunty             D.  Sabrina and Diana
18. The word “your” in the text refers to…
     A.  My beloved niece                     C.  Diana’s niece
     B.  Sabrina’s niece              D.  Your aunty
Text for no 19-21
Dear Paul and Tessa.
         Congratulation on your first wedding anniversary. Wish you both joy and success.
Lisa and Tom
19.  The writer wrote the text to….
     A. congratulate the anniversary of the success of someone
     B. congratulate of a year marriage anniversary of someone
     C. congratulate the anniversary of the fourth wedding anniversary
     D. congratulate the wedding party of someone.
20.  From the text we can conclude that…
     A. Lisa and Paul are husband and wife
     B. Lisa and Tom love Paul and Tessa
     C. Paul and Tessa have marriage for one year
     D. Paul and Tessa congratulate your first   wedding Anniversary
21.  The word “you” in the text refers to……
    A. reader                              C. Paul and Tom
    B. Paul and Tessa                D. Tessa and Lisa
Text for no 22-25
Dear Rio,
Congratulation on your success as the top scorer.
I know you are one of the best players that our school has. Good luck for the next competition.
Sincerely, Petra
22.  Petra writes the card to Rio for his success....
     A. at school team                C. as the best player at school
     B. at school competition     D. as the top scorer in the sport competition
23.  The following statement are TRUE according to text, except ...
     A. Rio and Petra are school mates
     B. Rio will join another sport competition soon
     C. Rio is the only best player that his school has
     D. Rio has joined the sport competition successfully
24.  The word “I” in the text refers to…..
     A. Rio         B .Petra                        C. reader          D. receiver
25.  “Competition” in the text has the same meaning as….
     A. contest   B. show           C. concert        D. match.
Text for no 1-3
Deepest condolence and heartfelt sympathies to Drs.lkhsanudin Saputra and family, the headmaster SMP "Satriatama'° Purbalingga on the recent bereavement of his beloved wife.
1. The purpose of the text is…..
    A. give symphaty of sick people
    B. give congratulation on someone’s condolence
    C. give symphaty of passing people
    D. give congratulation of someone’s symphaty
2. From the text we know that….
    A. It is a condolence card of Drs Ikhsanudin’s wife passing
    B. Drs Ikhsanuddin had passed away
    C. Drs Ikhsanuddin sent the card forhis wife
    D. The card was from the headmaster.
3. The word “his” refers to…..
    A. Headmaster of our school                                   C .The writer of the card
   B. The wife of Drs Ikhsanuddin.                  D. The reader of the card
Text for no 4-6
Dra. Titi Ardiani
An SMP N 2 Wangon Teacher
Departed on 17th August 2008
(Age 46)
The Big Family of SMP “Nusatama”
4.      The card is sent from….
     A.   Titi Ardiani                              C.   Big Family of Nusatama school
     B.   All Big family                          D.   Students in SMP Nusatama
5.      How old was Titi Ardiani when she passed away?
     A. seventeen                       B. forty six      C. two              D. eight
6.      What is Dra. Titi Ardiani?
     A. student   B headmistress             C. teacher        D. officer
Text for no 7-9
In the opening of a new branch of
                                                            In two places;
Jakarta: Kebon Jeruk 203 (021-78654398)
Jogjakarta: Jl. Kol Sugiyono 54 Yk (0274- 7435642)
Warm regard:
Mr. Randy & All customers
7.      The purpose of the text is…..
     A. to congratulate the dry season
     B. to ask some help for the dry cleaning
     C. to congratulate the opening of the company
     D. to ask about Martinizing dry cleaning
8.      Which is true based on the text…..
     A. The company has two branches
     B. MARTINIZING DRY CLEANING is the name of the washing machine
     C. It offers dry cleaning machine
     D. MARTINIZING DRY CLEANING  is such a laundry service company
9.      Who is Mr. Randy?
     A. He is a director of the company             C. He is a mechanic of a machine
     B. He is a worker of the company              D. He is the sender of the card
Text for no 10-13
To: Our pen-friend, Rindra
How’s Sidney? Everything is ok? Indonesia is peaceful. Our village is better and all of us are fine.
Emm, just like fine wine, you grow better with the years. May this year be your best ever. Have a wonderful day and fabulous year.
We hope that we can meet in person. But, when will it be?
                                                                                                            Love, Tria and friends
                                                                                                            In Bojonegoro
10. The card above is sent to congratulate the event of………
      A. Lebaran Day     B. chrismas  Day         C. Birthday                              D. Valentine Day
11. Where does Rindra live? He lives in…
      A. Indonesia          B. Sidney                     C. a village                               D. Bojonegoro
12. The word “us” in the text refers to….
      A.  Tria                  B. Friends                    C. Rindra’s friends                  D. Tria’s friend
13. Which statement is true based on the text?
      A. They live in a same country                  C. They  never meet  one another
      B. They are relatives                                  D. They will meet again this year.
Text for no 14-17       
Please accept our deepest condolence for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May God bless you & give peace to your hearth
All your friends in Class IX
14. The function of the text is…
      A. to accept the condolence card               C. to show sympathy
      B. to bless the God                                                D. to congratulate Bobby
15. The word “our” in the card refers to…….
     A. your friends in class IX              C. writer’s friends
     B. reader and writer                                    D. Bobby’s friends
16. The opposite meaning of the word “accept” is…
     A. receive               B. refuse          C. attract                      D. wish
17. The kind of the text is a greeting card for……..
     A. sick people         B. disaster        C. passing people         D. accident
Text for no 18-21
Hi, John.. You are really an intelligent student in this school. You have achieved the highest score on the UAN examination.
Congratulation! I am very proud of you.
                                                            Mom and Dad
18. The function of the card is ….
     A. to congratulate Mom and Dad
     B. to show Mom’s and Dad’s pride of John
     C. to announce the intelligent student
     D. to explain how to be an intelligent student
19. The opposite meaning of the word “highest” in the text is…..
     A. best                    B. shortest                    C. worst                       D. tallest
20. From the text we know that John is a student of …
     A. the first grade                 C. the third grade
     B. the second grade                        D. sixth grade
Text for no 21-23
Dear: Nurul
I heard that you were hospitalized. So sad to see you in bed. I wish you’ll be better soon. May you would be back to your spirit.
                                                                                     Your pen friend, Betty
21. The writer wrote the text to……
     A. express her pleasure                               C. go to the hospital
      B. show her sickness                                 D. to express her sympathy
22. The card was sent because Nurul was……
      A. dead                  B. sick             C. healthy                    D. better
23. Who is the sender of the card?
      A. Your pen-friend                        C. Nurul’s pen-pal
      B. My pen-friend               D. Betty’s pen-pal
Text for no 24-25
To: Nina
                         WE FEEL GRATEFUL FOR YOUR HELP
24. The writer wrote the card …..she/he got someone’s help.
     A. when                  B. while                       C. after                        D. before
25. From the text we can infer that…..
     A. Nina expresses her grateful to Ganang               C. Ganang thanks to Nina
     B. Nina needs help from Ganang                            D. Ganang offers some help to Nina

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